Preface to the Next Posts

As I type this I am five days post op. Mt intent, however unrealistic was to post every day from surgery day forward. In hind sight that was a ridiculous expectation. As much as I love being on the computer I can assure you that for the first few days your priorities change quickly.

What I did do was keep active notes each day and take photos when I could. I will indeed be posting these as posts named surgery day, post op day 1, post op day 2…and they will not be looking ahead to what I know is coming in the later days.

I also tend to write my blogs with a lot of humor and funny pictures. That may be less of the case here. There is so much information and real pictures to share I don’t want to sacrifice useful real life experience in exchange for “yuk yuks”.

I try to be anal about spelling, grammar… but bear in mind as I’m typing this I am on narcotics and in pain so again- when all else fails I have chosen to lower my standards!

Beyond that I am now even further convinced of the value of this journal for those who are facing this surgery. Despite all my scattered research I feel like I had no clue as to what was coming.

I hope that you find this useful.


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