Welcome to My Knee Replacement Journal

Welcome to My Knee Replacement Journal.

The whole purpose of this site is to provide a bit of one stop shopping for information related to the entire knee replacement process from the patient’s perspective. The information will be provided by me as a firsthand account covering the pre-surgical, surgical and post surgical recovery process. As I have tried to do my own research in preparation for the surgery I was able to find sites that covered the many aspects of this experience but there was no one source to obtain a sense and understanding of the process purely the patient’s perspective- thus the inspiration for this site.

About me:

(ok- this isn’t me but I couldn’t resist)


50 years old

Married for 30+ years

Three grown children

Undertall, (or what some would call overweight)

I work a sedentary desk job in the financial industry.

Incredibly handsome!

I have two other blog sites here on WordPress that you can reference:

http://imway2fat.wordpress.com that is a site documenting my weight loss and exercise journey  that sped up my need for a new knee,


http://onemanoneview.wordpress.com/ that is a just a personal site of mine for various writings and family and Church photos….

What you should expect from this site:

Probably not that much so as not to set the bar too high for me! What you will get is my first hand experience of the process. I will start with the process of the pre-operative appointments, insurance issues, family issues… and then post about the surgery and each step of the rehab & recovery process,  tend not to take anything too seriously so there will indeed be humor in the writing as well as comical pictures that I strip off the internet that are related to this journey. When able I will post my own pictures and video clips… that may relate to this experience. As a starting point I am posting a link to a concise two-minute video that shows a knee replacement surgery. Not for the faint of heart- or those prone to fainting:


For fear of being sued I won’t name particular Doctors, nurses… by name. I’ll use fictitious names to help with the narrative of the story. I will tell you that the surgery will take place on August 10th 2010 at Mass General Hospital in Boston.

What I expect of you:

Please don’t let this be a one sided conversation. I encourage the posting of comments and your personal experiences as well. I hope to learn from others who are facing this process or have already experienced it. ‘d rather see this site become a resource for everyone’s experience- not just mine.

Tomorrow I will start to document all of this with a post about my required pre-operative appointment with my general practitioner- henceforth known ad Dr. GP.

So starts the journey….


About onemanoneview

Rode hard and put away wet.
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