20 Days Pre-Op – Physical Exam with Dr. GP

This morning I had my pre-op physical with my general practitioner – Dr. GP. This is a requirement put upon me by my surgeon’s office. It really does seem to be a bit redundant to me because tomorrow I have to drive into Boston to have pre-op appointments down there. Tomorrow I will be meeting with the nurse practitioner from the surgeon’s office. I’ll also be heading across the street to MA General for a pre-op appointment with the anesthesiologist, various blood work and whatever else they feel like putting me through.

Today’s appointment took over an hour and a half because I have a very thorough Doc.  We went over my medical history and current conditions including high blood pressure, cholesterol and Type II diabetes. Bottom line is that the doctor said I was in great shape- round! (Insert cymbal crash here.)  So the Doc tells me I’m fat so I tell him I want a second opinion. He replies “O.K – you’re ugly too!” (Insert another cymbal crash here!)

So all in all it was just a thorough physical but here is the question I’m left with- Is a rectal exam really needed for knee surgery? Frankly I’m not a real fan and best I can tell he was in up to his elbow! I would have hoped he would have at least bought me a beer after that. I’m not sure if I feel worse for me having gone through it or for him having to do it- but all for a bad knee?!?!

Ok- here’s something different that I found- knee replacement poetry. This is indeed a cultured site!

Knee Replacement Poetry:

Could Have Been Worse

Maybe the cause was arthritis?
And a joint filled with gritty detritis?
And walking was tough
With those bone edges rough
Still, it could have been spastic colitis.

On to Boston tomorrow- stay tuned….


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